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New Hire Orientation

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SPS paperwork will depend on what industry you are being hired in. 

To complete the required new-hire orientation, including safety trainings, disclosures, etc. Please select the industry you are being hired into below


Use this link if you are being rehired and have been off for 30-59 days.

New Hire Orientation

SPS logo- HD.png

Dear Employee,


Welcome to Sheet Piling Services (SPS).


(IMPORTANT) * Please complete each of the forms below. On your Orientation Documentation Sheet - document Signature, Date, and Doc #

The Doc # is posted at the end after you SUBMIT the form. Be sure to click all the way through the form.


Each of the forms can be completed without additional documentation:


New Hire Application

Direct Deposit Authorization Form

Employee Competency Report Reference Guidelines

EEOC Self Identification Form

DOT Drug Testing Protocols

Stop Work Authorization

Please download and retain these documents for reference. If you prefer paper copies, please ask your SPS Representative now



Once you have viewed these documents, please complete the following forms to acknowledge.



Receipt of Handbook

Fleet Safety Acknowledgment

Drug, Alcohol, and Contraband Policy Acknowledgment

Per Diem Pay Affidavit


Pipeline and Railroad/DOT have different trainings required.


  • Trainings require you to watch YouTube videos and respond to questions regarding the material


  • YOU MUST ANSWER 100% of the questions correctly to pass these quizzes. If you receive less than 100%, look through the questions to see which ones you got wrong. If you need additional assistance, ask your SPS representative. If you are being hired on the **Pipeline, please only complete the trainings highlighted green. If you are being hired on the &&DOT/Railroad, please complete only the trainings highlighted in blue.


For **Pipeline:

**Pipeline Orientation

**Gold Shovel Standard Training

**Crush/Pinch Point & Spotter Training


For &&Railroad/DOT:

&&Bridge Worker Orientation

&&Gold Shovel Standard Training

&&Crush/Pinch Point & Spotter Training

&&Fall Protection Training



Congratulations, you have completed this portion of your orientation.


Remaining forms include:

               Federal Tax Form

               State Tax Form

               Disclosure and Authority to Release

               Front Page Only of I9

               DOT Background Authorization


Please follow up with your supervisor when it is safe to do so.


Thank you,



For specific questions, please call:

Adam Oleson – 715-931-0668 - Safety

Elizabeth Diekhus – 715-592-6942 – Administrative Assistant

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