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DOT Orientation

Welcome Employee!

This orientation includes trainings required for the DOT division. If you being hired to work on the Railroad or Pipeline please click HERE

Please complete each of the forms below. On your Orientation Documentation Sheet - document Signature, Date, and Doc #

The Doc # is posted at the end after you SUBMIT the form. Be sure to click all the way through the form.



New Hire Application

(The New Hire Application form will ask you to provide basic information like your address, phone number, emergency contact, etc.)

Direct Deposit Authorization Form

(SPS offers paper checks or direct deposit. Use this form to provide information to our payroll department)

Employee Competency Report Reference Guidelines

(SPS Employees will be evaluated on competency within one week of hire. This form outlines what is expected)

EEOC Self Identification Form

(SPS is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer and provides this form as an option to disclose certain statuses)

DOT Drug Testing Protocols

(Important information regarding an update to the DOT Testing Protocols)

Stop Work Authorization

(Information regarding SPS right to Stop Work at anytime. Please take your time and read through all the information)

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