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sheet piling in Wisconsin and Minnesota


Sheet Piling Services, LLC believes that safety is everyone’s responsibility and it should be everyone’s number one priority at all times. Not just during the course of business, but throughout our personal lives as well. SPS Management takes full responsibility for providing a safe working environment for its employees, as well as adequate safety training for each employee. We also expect that our employees take on the responsibility to perform their job tasks safely and in accordance with their training. We are 100% committed to the safety of not only our employees, but the general public as well. We believe with full cooperation of every employee at Sheet Piling Services we can achieve zero incidents and injuries, and that is the culture that we have adopted.

Damage Prevention Statement

Sheet Piling Services, LLC and its employees are 100% dedicated to the continued enhancement of Damage Prevention activities, policies, procedures and practices. We work diligently with our clients to foster a sense of shared responsibility for the protection of ALL underground and overhead facilities.

Sheet Piling Services, LLC believes that Damage Prevention is a joint effort, a partnership that must engage employees, customers, and regulatory agencies at every level. SPS is committed to the continuous improvement of Damage Prevention in terms of property damage, loss of work opportunities, community disruption, ecological damage, as well as insurance and legal liability.

We educate and train all of our employees about safe work procedures, good excavation practices, relevant state and local laws and One-call procedures.

SPS works closely with clients and stakeholders in Damage Prevention best practices along with inspection programs and routine monitoring. Sheet Piling Services LLC proactively collaborates with customers, emergency responders, safety advocates and regulatory agencies in an effort to improve Damage Prevention practices and procedures. We pride ourselves in providing Safe and Cost Effective work to our clients.

  • Veriforce Proven Compliance Solutions
  • ISNETWORLD Member Contractor
  • National Safety Council